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Stop working so hard to grow your agency and focus on these proven principles to grow your business to grow your current relationships and attract new business.

Increasing the Lifetime Value of Your Clients will shift how you think about your client relationships and show you a clear path to grow your accounts and agency.

Increasing the Lifetime Value of Your Clients

Transform your agency

Follow these principles

Clients look to you to solve problems. The bigger the problem you solve...the more value you bring and the more you can charge. But it's not about adding more stuff or pitching new services to your clients. In fact, you shouldn't be pitching your clients at all.

Increasing the Lifetime Value of Your Clients Cover

Stop pitching

Find a whole new level of partnership with your clients

No one likes to be sold or pitched. Ever. So why do we "pitch" business in the agency world?

When I ran my agency we turned down nearly every RFP that came to us.

We won business because we intentionally created relationships, took an interest in their business and found opportunities to solve problems. When we had to go through an RFP process it was usually just a formality for strategic sourcing because the decision maker already knew they wanted to work with us. 

What I didn't realize at the time is that we were applying the fundamentals I teach you in Increasing the Lifetime Value of Your Clients. Only after I spent 5+ years and thousands of hours intensely studying transformational leadership and emotional intelligence was I able to fully understand what we were doing.

Now I've combined my experience running an agency, industry advocacy, transformational leadership and emotional intelligence training into this one-of-a-kind book.

What you'll take away from this book

  • How to consistently create new business opportunities without pitching or responding to RFPs
  • How to decode client feedback more effectively every time
  • How to ask the right questions to understand your client's vision so your agency consistently hits the mark and makes money on every job
  • How to stop doing things that don't make you any money
  • ​Avoid costly reworks
Kathleen Riessen Photo

Kathleen Riessen

About the author

I built my agency from the ground up with no outside funding or investors after leaving my position with another agency. Over the course of 10 years I built the agency into a highly profitable business with extremely low turnover in clients and employees. When my third son was born, he had a lot of complications that required my attention. As a result, I cut my working days back to three days per week and the agency's profitability actually increased when I spent less time working!

One thing that we focused on was reducing reworks. Clients don't always know what they want. It takes skill and practice to get to the crux of what clients really want quickly and efficiently.

I became increasingly intrigued by how we could better support our clients in getting what they really wanted...which also made us a more valuable partner. 

This intrigue led me to sell my agency and head to California and Boston to study emotional intelligence and transformational leadership with some of the top trainers in the world. Now I've packaged what I learned in running my agency and training into 10 principles that you can use with your clients to deepen your relationships, attract new business and run a more profitable agency.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 - Gut Check
Chapter 2 - Who should read this book
Chapter 3 - The 4 big problems ALL agencies face
Chapter 4 - What is EQ and what in the world does it have to do with increasing my client's lifetime value?
Chapter 5 - The economics of using the 10 principles at your agency
Chapter 6 - Principle 1: Start with Vision
Chapter 7 - Principle 2: Focus on intention over mechanism

Chapter 8 - Principle 3: Set checkpoints and hold people accountable
Chapter 9 - Principle 4: Build deep relationships
Chapter 10 - Principle 5: Feedback is neutral
Chapter 11 - Principle 6: Listen
Chapter 12 - Principle 7: Be an obstacle hurdler
Chapter 13 - Principle 8: Be a loving interruption
Chapter 14 - Principle 9: Be a master communicator
Chapter 15 - Principle 10: Celebrate ALL wins!
Chapter 16 - Where to go from here

10 Principles Just for Advertising Agencies Book Cover

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